April 11, 2010 - Flyers Skate Zone - Voorhees, NJ
Voorhees at the FLYERS SKATE ZONE...Word-1 North American Champion Ricky Reyes defeated Alex Anthony by submission... Matt and Bryan Logan defeated Damian Dragon and Adam Cole, when Matt pinned Cole with a victory roll ... Gauntlet Match: Ryu Lee pinned Don E. Allen and Johnny Calzone with top-rope frog splashes, Jimmy Jannetty defeated Ryu Lee with a Snow Plow, Shane Harris pinned Jannetty with a Spicolli Driver , and Breaker Morant defeated Harris to win the match ... Billy Bax (with Carlton P. Hightower) was disqualified in his match with Shockwave after interference ... Jimmy Snuka and Jimmy Cicero defeated Julio Dinero (with Miss Michelle) and Nicky Benz, after delivering a pair of second-rope Superfly Snuka splashes ... World-1 Heavyweight Champion Chris Rockell was disqualified against Ryan Sawyer after a low blow ... Michael Bruno and Paul Lopresti defeated Larry Winters and Cujo The Hellbound when Lopresti forced Cujo to submit... Tony Stetson (with Glen Osbourne) defeated "Mr. Wrestling III" (with Rob Dimension) with a rollup ... Breaker Morant defeated Tony Stetson to win the vacant TWA Heavyweight title, with some interference from Osbourne ... Shockwave, The Blue Meanie, and Kid America (with Mini America) defeated Billy Bax Mr. Ooh La La, and Robere' Shields (with Carlton P. Hightower),  after Shockwave hit a top rope legdrop on Ooh La La.
TWA: Champion- Breaker Morant; 1- Tony Stetson; 2-Steve Corino; 3- Glen Osbourne; 4- Larry Winters; 5- Shockwave the Robot; 6-Blue Meanie; 7- Jimmy Cicero; 8- Ricky Reyes; 9- Kid America; 10-Johnny Calzone