December 5 - St. Matthews Baptist Church - Williamstown, NJ 

Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) at Saint Matthew’s Baptist Church- Steve Corino w/ Rob Dimension and Tony Stetson were eliminated simultaneously in a Battle Royal with no clear winner…Ryu Lee defeated Little Mondo…Blue Meanie & Kid America defeated Jimmy Jannetty & Don E Allen…Steve Corino w/Rob Dimension defeated Shane Harris…Jimmy Cicero defeated Nicky Benz…Tony Stetson & Michael Bruno defeated Breaker Morant & Johnny Calzone…Matt Riviera defeated Chad Deity…Larry Winters defeated King Kaluha w/ DC Drake via COR.  DC Drake turned on Kaluha after the match and was joined by Winters in attacking Kaluha…Steve Corino and Tony Stetson fought to a NO CONTEST. (12-5-09) 



TWA Champion- Glen Osbourne; 1-Steve Corino/Tony Stetson (tie); 2-Larry Winters; 3-Jimmy Cicero; 4-Matt Riviera; 5- Blue Meanie; 6- Kid America; 7-Breaker Morant; 8- Michael Bruno; 9- Johnny Calzone; 10- Ryu Lee.