January 31, 2010 - Flyers Skate Zone - Voorhees, NJ

Matt & Bryan Logan defeated Billy Bax & Rob Eckos...Ryu Lee defeated
White Lotus...Jimmy Jannetty defeated Don E Allen..."Sensei" Paul
Lopresti NO CONTEST with Larry Winters...Shockwave the Robot defeated
Johnny Calzone...The Blue Meanie & Kid America w/ Mini America defeated
Mr. Ooh La La & Robere' Shields w/ Col. E.S. Easton & Johnny
Maxx...Breaker Morant defeated Tyler Steel...TRIPLE THREAT MATCH for the
TWA TITLE: Steve Corino w/ Rob Dimension defeated defending champion
Glen Osbourne & Tony Stetson to win the title...Jimmy Cicero defeated
Kamala w/ Nicky Benz & Kim Chee (1-31-10)


TWA Champion- Steve Corino; 1- Tony Stetson; 2- Glen Osbourne; 3-Jimmy
Cicero; 4-Larry Winters; 5-Blue Meanie; 6-Kid America; 7-Shockwave the
Robot; 8-Ryu Lee; 9-Breaker Morant; 10- Johnny Calzone