October 24, 2009 - Flyers Skate Zone - Voorhees, NJ

Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) at the FLYERS SKATE ZONE
... Crybaby Waldo, Blue Meanie, and Kid America defeated Jimmy Cicero,
Cueball Carmichael, and Johnny Calzone ... "Hitman" Michael Bruno
defeated Don E Allen ... Commissioner Joel Goodhart reinstated "Nature
" Buddy Landel as the TWA Heavyweight Champion ... Cujo the Hell
Hound defeated Shane Harris... Al Snow defeated "Mr. Wrestling" Steve
with Rob Dimension ... "Living Legend" Larry Winters with Johnny
Hot Body & Hunter Q. Robbins defeated Jimmy Jannetty... "Hitman" Tony
Steston defeated Breaker Morant ... TWA Title: Glen Osbourne defeated
"Nature Boy" Buddy Landel for the TWA title (10/24/09)


TWA Champion- Glen Osbourne; 1-Buddy Landel; 2-Tony Stetson; 3-Steve Corino;
4-Larry Winters; 5- Michael Bruno; 6- Blue Meanie; 7- Breaker Morant;
8-Kid America; 9-Jimmy Jannetty; 10- Don E Allen