Voorhees- Tri-State Wrestling Alliance at the Flyers Skate Zone: Blue Meanie, Kid America and Courageous Cruz defeated JJ Crew Guy, Mozart Fontaine and Timothy Richards w/ Sebastian Night...Adam Cole defeated Josh Daniels...Ryan McBride defeated Chris Wylde...Tina San Antonio defeated Marti Belle...SHOCKWAVE the Robot defeated Judas Young...”Sensei” Paul Lopresti defeated Mr. Ooh La La...CUJO the Hellhound defeated “Hitman” Tony Stetson...TWA Tag Team Title Match: Damian Dragon & Matt Saigon defeated “Best Around” TJ Cannon Bruce Maxwell to win the titles...LUMBERJACK MATCH for the TWA Heavyweight Title: Breaker Morant (c ) defeated “Beautiful” Bobby Shields w/ Magnum (1-30-11)
- Joe Zanolle
Tri-State Wrestling Alliance: Champion- Breaker Morant; 1-Bobby Shields; 2- Tony Stetson; 3-Shockwave the Robot; 4-Glen Osbourne; 5- Damian Dragon; 6- Kid America; 7-Matt Saigon; 8-CUJO the Hellhound; 9- Chris Wylde; 10- Mr. Ooh La La