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Sunday, June 6, 2010


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We are happy to announce that the METAL MASTER will be forming a team with SHOCKWAVE the ROBOTon Sunday afternoon, June 6th going for the TWA TAG TEAM TITLE in an 8-TEAM SINGLE ELIMINATION TOURNAMENT! 

The Metal Master has wrestled all over the world in Japan, France, Germany, Ireland , Mexico, the UK and in the States, and was trained by some of the greats in this sport, including Les Thatcher, Jeff Bradley, Tom Prichard,and the one and only Dean Malenko.  The 13-year veteran has competed in Heartland Wrestling Association(HWA), Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE), Michinoku Pro Wrestling (MPW), New Japan Wrestling Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Battle Arts, East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) Super 8 Tournament in 2000 and 2009, and All Star Promotions, England .  Metal Master most recently made a return to Ring of Honor (ROH) Wrestling in April 2010.  Drawing from his extensive amateur wrestling background from his high school and college days, Metal Master is a great mat wrestler who combines Japanese, Luch Libre and European styles that he has acquired from wrestling internationally into his matches.  Metal Master has faced some of the sports greatest competitors, such asTiger Mask, the Great Sasuke, "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson aka Daniel Bryan, Nigel McGuiness aka Desmond Wolfe, Shark Boy, Brian Kendrick, Doug Williams, Jonny StormChristopher DanielsJody Fleischand many, many more. 

The Metal Master will team with a fellow masked competitor in Shockwave the Robot.  Shockwave is one of the most popular wrestlers in the TWA and this team will surely be crowd favorites with the fans.  While Shockwave exhibits a lot of theatrics in his matches, including his elaborate ring entrance, he is a great wrestler in his own right, and this duo is certainly capable of outlasting the other teams in the tournament and winning the tag team gold

The Team of the Metal Master and Shockwave may well be the most well traveled and well versed competitors in the tournament when it comes to wrestling different opponents and different styles.  Shockwave himself wrestles overseas frequently and is on tour in May with Zero-1 USA in Japan . 

And now, you can check out the latest Shockwave video right here 


Bryan Logan has decided to continue to work through his leg injury and meet all of his scheduled appearances.  In recent matches since the unprovoked attack by the Best Around, T.J. Canon & Bruce Maxwell, at the TWA April 11 showMatt Logan has been carrying the load of the ring work for the team.  Bryan is hopeful that physical therapy for his leg and using a leg brace will allow him not to miss any scheduled dates, as he does not want to disappoint fans and promoters.  Bryan and Matt have promised that the Logan Brothers will be in Voorhees , New Jersey on Sunday, June 6th and they are looking for Maxwell & Canon and the TWA Tag Team Titles!!! 


The Colony!!!  Soldier Ant & Green Ant, along with their partner Fire Ant, had a great showing in the 2010Chikara King of Trios Tournament this past weekend.  The Colony made it to the finals of the tournament(before losing the match due to some questionable officiating) and they are looking forward to doing the same and being crowned TWA Tag Team Champions on June 6th!!! 


We will officially announce the remaining two teams in the tag title tournament as well as announce opponents for Demolition and TWA Heavyweight Champion Breaker Morant.   Stay tuned!!! 

Teams announced for the tournament** 

The Logan Brothers (former 2-time ECWA Tag Team Champions/current Chaotic Tag Team Champions) 

The Best Around, Bruce Maxwell & T.J. Canon (former CZW Tag Team Champions) 

- "The Red, White & BLUE Express" The Blue Meanie & Kid America w/ Mini-America (TWA) 

The Colony, Soldier Ant & Green Ant (2/3's of the 2010 King of Trios Finalists) (Chikara) 

The Nigerian Nightmares, Maifu & Saifu,  w/ Voodoo Princess Sheeta (2010 Captain Lou AlbanoMemorial J-Cup Champions) (NWS) 

Metal Master & The World's ONLY Wrestling, Break-dancing Robot, SHOCKWAVE the ROBOT(Int'l/ROH/TWA) 

- 2 more teams to be announced 

- in a Non-Tournament Match, WWF/E Legends the original Ax & Smash, DEMOLITION (former 3-time WWF/E Tag Team Champions and Legends) 

Breaker Morant will defend his newly won TWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP 


Special Appearance by... 

Former WWE Diva, "The Kat" Stacy Carter  

 **Card subject to change.

Tickets are now on sale for the TWA June 6th Tag Team Title Tournament.  They are ONLY $12.00 ringsideand $10.00 general admission

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Also, TWA “Rasslin’ Radio/Squared Circle/Ringmasters Wrestling School” HOMECOMING will be on Saturday, June 5th at the Colonial Elementary School in Plymouth Meeting, PA at 7PM.  This is the first time the TWA has come to the state of Pennsylvania in over 18 years, featuring a Ringmasters Rumble with TWA Originals and the winner getting a TWA Title Match later in the evening with the new TWA Heavyweight Champion Breaker Morant!!!  Plus 3-time WWF Tag Team Champions, the original Ax & Smash, DEMOLITION, will face the 848 lbs. Nigerian Nightmares, Maifu & Saifu, with Princess Sheeta.  Also appearing, International Star, The Metal Master!!!  For tickets and info on the June 5th show, please call (610) 456-9601 or visit 

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