Sunday, July 11, 2010


601 Laurel Oak Road

Voorhees, New Jersey 08043

(856) 309-4400 



The Skate Zone is Air-Conditioned! 

Tickets are ONLY $12 for 1st three rows ringside & $10 for General Admission!  

* Sponsored by JIFFY LUBE.  On the back of each ticket there is a $7.00 off coupon to Jiffy Lube for Signature Service Oil Change (see  and for details and select locations)
Thanks to Jiffy Lube for this great offer! 


Scheduled card**  

- TWA Heavyweight Title Match: Breaker Morant (Champion) vs. "Mr. Wrestling" Steve Corino w/ "The Certified Genius" Rob Dimension 

-TWA Tag Team Title Match: NEW Champions "The Best Around" TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell defend against the returning Bryan Logan & Matt Logan 

- Lumberjack Match: "The Sensei" Paul Lopresti vs. "The Living Legend" Larry Winters 

- Chain Match... "20 YEARS in the MAKING...STUDENT vs. TEACHER...FORMER FRIENDS and TWA ORIGINALS COLLIDE "... "Hitman" Tony Steston vs. "The Beast" Glen Osbourne 

- "The Red, White & BLUE Express" The Blue Meanie & Kid America vs. "The Platinum Poppa" Rob Eckos & Billy Bax w/ Carlton P. Hightower & Mr. Maxx  

- Making their TWA Debuts, hailing from the Jersey Shore Chase Del Monte vs.  2008 ECWA Super 8 Champion Aden Chambers 

- One Fall - 4 Corners Match for a TWA Heavyweight Title Match: Damian Dragon vs. Adam Cole vs. TBD vs. TBD 

**card subject to change  

FLYERS SKATE ZONE Driving Directions:    

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1. For a great recap (photos & text) of our TWA TAG TEAM TITLE TOURNAMENT on June 6th, please visit 

Thanks to Dan MacMillian for all of his hard work and support of the TWA!  

2. Check out the three (3)-part June 14, 2010 edition of Completely Damaged featuring the stars of the TWA with interviews and clips of some
matches, plus a bonus as "Da Blue Guy" The Blue Meanie makes "Da Bad
Guy" Scott Hall an honorary member of the BWO from the Hardcore Reunion2009

Thank you to Cameron Hall and crew for their support!  

3. This week on PWI Weekly (June 10, 2010 edition), Brady Hicks laments the beating he took at the hands of Demolition AND Stacy Carter, then sits for a chat with TNA’s Knockouts Champion … MADISON RAYNE. As always, you can follow along on thebradyhicks (dot) com. 

Thanks to Brady, Kevin and DJ for their support!


Judy is a huge supporter of the TWA and contributes a great deal as part of our street team.  Judy was also a fan of the original TWA 20 years ago!!!  One of her favorites back then was "Mad Dog" D.C. Drake.  These days, Judy says her favorite is "Hitman" Michael Bruno.  The TWA appreciates her loyalty, help and enthusiasm.  Also, Happy Birthday wishes go out to Judy as she recently celebrated. 


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