TWA April 11th "Adopt-A-Pet" Show 2 Weeks Away - GAUNTLET MATCH for PERMANENT ROSTER SPOT

Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA)

"Adopt-A-Pet" Show

Sunday, April 11, 2010


601 Laurel Oak Road

Voorhees, New Jersey 08043

(856) 309-4400 


(with WWF/E Hall of Famer & Legend "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka &  "Wiseguy" Jimmy Cicero) 



On April 11th, six of the best talents on the independent circuit will compete for a permanent spot on the TWA roster.  The competitors will be Don E Allen, "The Angry Pizza Guy" Johnny Calzone, Shane Harris, Jimmy Jannetty, Ryu Lee and Breaker MorantAllen and Jannetty are both members of the original TWA and Eastern Championship Wrestling (ECW) roster and have the most experience, being 20 plus year veterans.  Jannetty and Allen have had their own issues of late, first being partners, and then rivals.  Allen would surely would love to avenge a recent loss to Jannetty from the Jan 31st show on his way to getting the permanent spot on the TWA roster.  Shane Harris had a great match with the current TWA Heavyweight Champion "Mr. Wrestling" Steve Corino at the Dec 5th show and had Corino on the run before he finally succumbed to Corino's sliding lariat.  Harris definitely has the power advantage over his five potential opponents.  Ryu Lee has yet to be defeated in the new TWA and would have to be considered the odds on favorite by virtue of his record.  Lee has the speed advantage over his peers here and possesses excellent flying skills, as his 5-Star Frog Splash Finisher usually results in victory.  Johnny Calzone also has a size and power advantage over most of his opponents here.  "The Angry Pizza Man" should not be underestimated or taken lightly.  His opponents should not be fooled by his boisterous persona as he is a dangerous wrestler who could very well be the ultimate victor in this contest.  Finally, Breaker Morant is also a veteran of many years who is not only a great wrestler but is also a very cagey individual who is a master of bending/breaking the rules to his advantage.  Morant revived his past rivalry with "Hitman" Tony Stetson in the new TWA, but he is now ready to forge forward in his quest to not only secure a permanent spot on the TWA roster but also rise in the TWA TOP TEN to get a shot at the TWA Heavyweight Title.   

Lady luck will also play a big part in the Gauntlet Match as the order of participants will be determined by a random drawing prior to the match.  The first and second names drawn will start in a single match.  When one loses a fall via pin, submission, DQ or COR, he will be eliminated and replaced by the third name drawn and so on.  The higher the number drawn, the better odds a participant has of winning and the fewer competitors he will have to face and defeat.   

Who will draw the lucky number 6?  Who will draw number 1 and 2, and will they have the stamina to defeated 5 consecutive opponents?  Will enemies collide or will friends face off?  Be there April 11th to find out the answers to these questions and just who will run the gauntlet and win the permanent roster spot in the TWA!!!  


If you are looking for ringside seats, call (856) 232-9932 or visit NOW!  You can purchase tickets off the website via PayPal.  So far, 3 sections of ringside (first three rows) are already gone and we only have one section remaining.  Ringside seats are only $12.00 and General Admission is only $10.00!!!  Also a note for all fans, please be sure to retain your ticket stubs for this event as there is a $5.00 off coupon to Jiffy Lube for Signature Service Oil Change at these locations only...  

508 S. Lenola Road

Maple Shade, NJ



5781 Route 42

Turnersville, NJ


Thanks to Jiffy Lube for this great offer!  


Check out the new Shockwave video right here 

Also, Shockwave the Robot will be making a personal appearance representing the TWA on Saturday, April 10th.  Shockwave will be appearing at the Opening Day Ceremonies of Sewell Baseball & Softball, Inc (Gloucester County) at Burlington Avenue & Fairview Drive, Sewell, NJ 08080.  Opening Ceremony will begin at 10AM.  Shockwave be there to meet all the kids and their parents and he is scheduled to throw out a ceremonial first pitch!  Also appearing will be Finley, the Camden Riversharks' Mascot, and some of the Philadelphia Phillies’ Ball Girls 

For directions visit the league's web page 


We will be making an announcement on April 11th that will impact the future of the TWA and the TWA roster 



Matches signed so far* 

- TWA HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH- "Mr. Wrestling" Steve Corino (Champion) w/ "The Certified Genius" Rob Dimension defends against "Hitman" Tony Stetson (Challenger)  

- SPECIAL CHALLENGE MATCH: WWF/E Hall of Fame Member & Legend "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka & "Wiseguy" Jimmy Cicero vs. "The Midnight Idol" Nicky Benz & former ECW/TNA Star Julio Dinero in Dinero's TWA Debut  

-USA vs. FRANCE FLAG MATCH: "The Red, White & Blue Express" former WWE/ECW Star The Blue Meanie & Kid America w/ Mini-America vs. Mr. Ooh La La & Robere' Shields w/ "L'Empereur" Carlton P. Hightower ... the team that captures their opponents' country's flag off the pole in the corner wins!!!  

- TAG TEAM GRUDGE MATCH- "Hitman" Michael Bruno & The Sensei vs. "Living Legend" Larry Winters & Cujo  

- SHOCKWAVE the ROBOT vs. Billy Bax  

- Matt & Bryan Logan vs. the debuting team of Damian Dragon & Adam Cole  

- Making his TWA Debut, "The Cuban Crippler" Ricky Reyes will be defending his WORLD-1 North American Championship against another TWA newcomer Alex Anthony  

- SIX MAN GAUNTLET MATCH for a PERMANENT SPOT on the TWA ROSTER: Don E. Allen, Ryu Lee, Shane Harris, Breaker Morant, Jimmy Jannetty, and "The Angry Pizza Man" Johnny Calzone (order of participants will be randomly selected)  

 *Card subject to change.  

Tickets are now on sale for the TWA April 11th "Adopt-A-Pet" show.  They are ONLY $12.00 ringside and $10.00 general admission.  

For more information on TWA events, tickets, directions, and advertising/sponsorship opportunities please visit  

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- or call 856-232-9332 (Hair by Dezign).  

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According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), animal shelters care for 6-8 million dogs and cats every year in the United States, of whom approximately 3-4 million -about one every eight seconds- are euthanized.  

The Animal Adoption Center (AAC) in Lindenwold, New Jersey, is a No-Kill Shelter that was established in July 1991.  Because of their No-Kill policy, the AAC receives no assistance from state, county, or city agencies; they are totally self-supporting in that their funds come from adoptions, donations (and some matching funds), and fund raising efforts. 90% of all income goes directly to the care, health, and support of our animals. Another 7% is used for building upkeep and unavoidable expenses such as maintenance and insurance, and the remaining 3% goes into our fund raising efforts. Our contributors (YOU) pay for pet food, utilities, the salaries of our employees, and our annual vet bill-which is over $38,000.00.

The TWA is having the AAC at our April 11th show to raise awareness about homeless animals/pets, collect donations for the shelter (supplies/money) and hopefully get at least one pet adopted as a result of the show, either directly or indirectly. 


1. Make a monetary donation the AAC via mail, on-line Pay Pal or in person at the TWA Show on Apr 11th 

2. Make a donation of supplies needed off of the AAC Wish List direct with the AAC or in person at the TWA Show on Apr 11th 

3. Volunteer to work at the AAC 

4. Support AAC's partners 

 5. Spread the word to family, friends, co-workers and on your social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and myspace 

 6. If you have room in your home and heart, adopt a pet 

This year over 1250 cats and dogs, puppies and kittens are now loved and safe at home with their families. Thanks to you, thanks to us.  But the animals keep showing up. Can we say, "There is no room at the Inn?"  With your help our "inn" stays open. Without you there is no us. - Animal Adoption Center, Lindenwold, New Jersey.  


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You can support BODYSLAM AUTISM live and in person on April 11th or on-line by visiting 

T-Shirts are ONLY $10.00 each.