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Rounding out the 8-team tournament will be the teams of "The Platinum Poppa" Rob Eckos & Billy Bax and Damian Dragon & Adam Cole.   

Bax & Eckos are former 2-time East Coat Wrestling Association (ECWA) Tag Team Champions.  Amazingly, their first title reign lasted 2-1/2 years!  Both times, Bax & Eckos were managed by Carlton P. Hightower.  No confirmation yet as to whether Hightower will be there June 6th, although the Bax & Hightower did re-unite for the first time in years at the TWA April 11th show.  Bax and Eckos are no strangers to at least one other team in the tournament, the Logan Brothers, who are also 2-time ECWA Tag Team Champions.  Bax/Eckos feuded in ECWA with the Logans, and rekindled their feud in TWA at the January 31st event where the Logans defeated Bax and Eckos, but not without some controversy.  The match ended when Matt Logan pinned Billy Bax, who were the legal men in the ring. TWA Referee Matt Bennett made the right call and counted the pinfall, however at the same time, Rob Eckos had Bryan Logan pinned.  While Eckos and Bryan WERE NOT the legal men in the ring, Bax and Eckos stand by their claim that the Logans' win was a tainted one.  Bax & Eckos are one of the more veteran, crafty teams in the tournament and stand a great chance to win the Tag Team Titles  

The team of Damian Dragon & Adam Cole is a relatively new one, yet a very impressive one.  Dragon & Cole caught the attention of TWA management at a World-1 event early this year when the won a hard fought contest against Alex Anthony and Sabian.  At the TWA April 11th event, Dragon & Cole suffered a loss to the Logan Brothers, but the match was very evenly contested and the rookie team won the respect of both their opponents and fans alike.  Cole recently added the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship to his resume, which he won on May 8, 2010.  While Dragon & Cole are the team with least experience in the field of eight, they do possess the youth, skill and enthusiasm to surprise a lot of the other teams and fans alike.  


On April 11th, "Hitman" Tony Steston defeated the masked "Mr. Wrestling III" Steve Corino for the TWA Heavyweight Title.  After the match, "The Certified Genius" Rob Dimension unmasked Mr. Wrestling III to reveal not Steve Corino, but Tommy Thunda of World-1.  Since Stetson did not defeat Steve Corino, TWA Commissioner Joel Goodhart ruled that he could not award the TWA Title to Tony Stetson.  At that point TWA owner and promoter Mike Tartaglia (aka Mike Bruno) came to the ring and agreed with Goodhart that Stetson could not be awarded the title since he did not pin the champion.  As Corino's camp began to celebrate thinking their plan worked, Tartaglia ripped the title belt from Dimension's clutches as he announced that while Stetson was not champion, neither was Corino and stripped Corino of the heavyweight title due to his failure to show for his title defense and thus forfeiting his match and championship.  Just as Tartaglia announced that the title was being help up, Breaker Morant stormed to ringside.  

Earlier in the evening, Morant outlasted 5 other top TWA Stars in a Gauntlet Match for a permanent spot on the TWA roster and a championship match on the day, time and place of his choosing.  Morant declared he wanted his title match right there, so Tartaglia made the match between Breaker Morant and the man who was cheated out his Title Match and Title Win minutes earlier, "Hitman" Tony Stetson.   

Stetson and Morant have been bitter enemies for the last decade.  Morant took credit for retiring Stetson from pro wrestling 8 years ago and met Steston in Stetson’s first match coming out of retirement at the TWA Reunion Show last Oct 24th.  Stetson cleanly defeated Morant that night in the very same building and Stetson  also had a tag team win over Morant from December 5th, when Stetson and Bruno defeated Morant and Johnny Calzone.  Even though Stetson had just wrestled a full match versus Tommy Thunda, Stetson and his fans were confident that he had Morant's number and would walk away as TWA Champion.  

However, after the referee was knocked down, "The Beast" Glen Osbourne, who accompanied Stetson to the ring, crushed the title dreams of "The Hitman."  As Morant got a chair and was about to attack Stetson.  Osbourne intervened, grabbed the chair from Morant and pushed him down.  Osbourne went to help Stetson up, but then let his rage explode as he swung the chair at Stetson's head, knocking him out cold and making him easy prey for Morant who made the cover and was declared NEW TWA Champion.  

Ever since Osbourne lost the TWA Title on January 31st when Corino pinned Stetson in a Triple Threat Match, Osbourne went into seclusion and had no contact with anyone on the TWA roster or TWA management.  When Osbourne showed up April 11th, he seemed calm and in a good mood and explained away his lack of communication by saying he was just re-evaluating his career and his future goals.  No one knows for sure whether Osbourne showed up April 11th with bad intentions or whether he showed up with good intentions, but just lost his cool in the moment.  

Regardless, TWA Commissioner Joel Goodhart has deemed that in order to ensure Stetson gets a fair shake at the title, "The Beast" Glen Osbourne is banned from ringside for this match and Goodhart warned that if Osbourne does not heed his ruling, he will be subject to a hefty fine.  


While first deemed as "Road Warrior Rip-offs" when they debuted in the WWF in 1987, Ax & Smash, Demolition went on to win 3 WWF Tag Teams Titles, but more importantly they won the respect of the wrestling community and fans as one of the most legendary tandems of the 1980's.  While both performed under different names in the past and achieved great success, it was their stint as Ax & Smash that earned them arguably their greatest fame and notoriety.  Their first of 3 WWF Title Reigns (defeating Strike Force of Rick Martel and Tito Santana) lasted a record 16 months.  Their 2nd title win was over The Brain Busters (Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson) and their 3rd was over Andre the Giant & Haku.  

Since Demolition will not be available to the TWA on a regular basis, TWA Commissioner Joel Goodhart decided to book the legendary duo in a special Non-Tag Team Tournament Bonus Match.  Their opponents are one of the hottest teams out of the Mid-South, Reckage & Romance, Traditional Championship Wrestling (TCW) Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jett and , making his TWA return, VH-1 Reality TV Star "Mr. 5.5" Matt Riviera.  

Jeff Jett, a 15-year veteran of the ring, recently won the TCW Heavyweight Championship from Tim Storm on April 10th.  He holds wins over former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Dan Severn, NWA Legend & 1/2 of the Midnight Express, Bobby Eaton, and many others.  

Matt Riviera is a 6-year veteran of the ring, and holds wins over Bobby Eaton, Mike Jackson, Ted Allen, and is a multi-time champion for Pro Wrestling Alliance (PWA), Arkansas Wrestling Entertainment (AWE), TCW, and many other indy promotions.  Riviera was on VH1's Megan Wants a Millionaire and is undefeated in TWA.  Riviera is reported to be worth $5.5 M, as his ring moniker suggests.  

Collectively, Jett & Riviera are former TCW Tag Team Champions.  Certainly, Jett & Riviera will need all that experience and skill as they face one of pro wrestling’s most legendary teams.  

Check out this classic music video of Demolition: 

Teams announced for the tournament**  

- The Logan Brothers (former 2-time ECWA Tag Team Champions/current Chaotic Tag Team Champions)  

- The Best Around, Bruce Maxwell & T.J. Canon (former CZW Tag Team Champions)  

- "The Red, White & BLUE Express" The Blue Meanie & Kid America w/ Mini-America (TWA)  

- The Colony, Soldier Ant & Green Ant (2/3's of the 2010 King of Trios Finalists) (Chikara)  

- The Nigerian Nightmares, Maifu & Saifu, w/ Voodoo Princess Sheeta (2010 Captain Lou Albano Memorial J-Cup Champions) (NWS)  

- Metal Master & The World's ONLY Wrestling, Break-dancing Robot, SHOCKWAVE the ROBOT (Int'l/ROH/TWA)  

- "Platinum Poppa" Rob Eckos & Billy Bax (former 2-time ECWA Tag Team Champions)  

- Damian Dragon & CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole (World-1/CZW)  

Matches signed**  

- Non-Tournament, BONUS MATCH: WWF/E Legends the original Ax & Smash, DEMOLITION (former 3-time WWF/E Tag Team Champions and Legends) vs. former Traditional Championship Wrestling (TCW) Tag Team Champions, Reckage & Romance, current TCW Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jett & VH-1 Reality TV Star "Mr. 5.5" Matt Riviera 

- Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) Heavyweight Title Match: Breaker Morant (Champion) vs. "Hitman" Tony Stetson (Challenger)..."The Beast" Glen Osbourne has been BANNED from ringside   

Special Appearance by...  

Former WWE Diva, "The Kat" Stacy Carter  

 **Card subject to change.  

Tickets are now on sale for the TWA June 6th Tag Team Title Tournament.  They are ONLY $12.00 ringside and $10.00 general admission.  

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Also, TWA “Rasslin’ Radio/Squared Circle/Ringmasters Wrestling School” HOMECOMING will be on Saturday, June 5th at the Colonial Elementary School in Plymouth Meeting, PA at 7PM.  This is the first time the TWA has come to the state of Pennsylvania in over 18 years, featuring a Ringmasters Rumble with TWA Originals and the winner getting a TWA Title Match later in the evening with the new TWA Heavyweight Champion Breaker Morant!!!  Plus 3-time WWF/E Tag Team Champions, the original Ax & Smash, DEMOLITION, will face the 848 lbs. Nigerian Nightmares, Maifu & Saifu, with Princess Sheeta.  Also appearing, International Star, The Metal Master, the World's ONLY Break-dancing Wrestling Robot, SHOCKWAVE the ROBOT, The Logan Brothers, "The Red, White & BLUE Express" Blue Meanie & Kid America w/ Mini-America, World-1 North American Champion Ricky Reyes, former WWF/E Diva "The Kat" Stacy Carter and many more!!!  For tickets and info on the June 5th show, please call (610) 456-9601 or visit  

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