"Late Night" with "The Midnight Idol” NICKY BENZ...

The TWA Office spoke to "Mad Dog" D.C. (Don) Drake just a few days ago.  It
was really good to hear from him and most of all to hear he is feeling good.
Anyone who knows Northeast indie wrestling, NWF, TWA, ECW, etc, knows what
Don has done and what he has contributed.  It will be a great pleasure to
see Don on Dec 5, 2009 as he makes a Special Appearance for the TWA.  Please
come out and help us greet and welcome D.C. Drake, a true legend!!!

When you talk about D.C. Drake, one named comes to mind immediately…Larry
Winters!  Winters, the self-proclaimed "Living Legend," has both teamed and
faced D.C. Drake many times in the past.  From pushing D.C. Drake over a
balcony wall at TEMPLE UNIVERSITY's McGonigle Hall to turning his back on
the fans and joining Drake in the heel faction "The DOG POUND," Winters' &
Drake's careers have been intertwined. 

Winters, however, has other a different issue to attend to on December
5th...his OPEN CHALLENGE to anyone in the TWA Locker Room!  Winters has been
complaining incessantly since the resurrection of the TWA that he is THEE
LEGEND, that he should have received the TWA heavyweight title shot against
"Nature Boy" Buddy Landel on October 24th, and that he is not getting the
respect that he has earned and deserves.  Perhaps in a moment of anger and
haste, Winters issued an OPEN CHALLENGE for December 5th.  Many great
talents made a bid to accept the challenge, but one was the most persistent
and we could not deny him.  He is a man also from Larry Winters' past and
one who knows him very well.  And that man is ... King Kaluha!!! 

Known to many independent area workers as THE LEGEND and the GODFATHER for
his experience and longevity, Kaluha has taken great offense to Winters'
claim to being THEE LIVING LEGEND, and he plans to set the record straight
on December 5th.  Kaluha has faced Winters many times in the past, and has
even teamed with him on occasion too.  Winters was not too pleased with the
announcement and had this to say, "Whaaat!?  The Open Challenge was for
anyone in the TWA LOCKER ROOM!!  King Kaluha doesn't even work for the TWA!
I'm going to have my lawyers look into this, but, you know what?  It doesn't
even matter! Because I will beat Kaluha like I beat him 20 years ago, case
closed!"  Unbeknownst to Winters, the TWA Commissioner Joel Goodhart had
already come to an agreement with King Kaluha to compete in the TWA before
Winters made his OPEN CHALLENGE.

Also, an opponent has been named for the debuting Ryu Lee.  Also making his
TWA debut is the man who hails from "Egg Harbor Township, Japan" White
!  Lotus and Ryu Lee are no strangers to each other inside the squared
circle and both promise to deliver a great match on December 5th!

In addition to collecting toys for TOYS for TOTS, "Wiseguy" Jimmy Cicero
will be BODYSLAMMING AUTISM on December 5th.  Cicero has been entered into
the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER'S BATTLE ROYAL, but he will also be the guest of
"Late Night" with your host "The Midnight Idol" Nicky Benz!  Jimmy Cicero
will be telling everyone about his campaign to BODYSLAM AUSTIM as well a
future venture with the TWA!  Go to Jimmy's web page to support BODYSLAMMING
AUTISM at  <>  Jimmy is selling
T-Shirts there to help promote Autism Awareness and the proceeds go to help
Autism education and research.

Our Next Event...

2009 Toys for Tots Holiday Show

December 5, 2009 (Doors Open 6:30 PM; Bell Time 7:30 PM)

Saint Matthew's Baptist Church

Route 322

246 Glassboro Road

Williamstown, NJ 08094

(856) 629-4614

Driving Directions:


Mapquest Link:



The scheduled card* is as follows...

1. A Number One Contender’s Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal, with the winner
earning a title shot at the NEW TWA Heavyweight Champion, Glen Osbourne,
later in the evening...

Entered in the Battle Royal so far are: making his pro wrestling debut, the
star of the Philadelphia pro wrestling-themed play "The Elaborate Entrance
of Chad Deity," Chad Deity (
<>; "Hitmen" Tony
& Michael Bruno; Shane Harris, "Mr. Wrestling" Steve Corino w/ Rob
Dimension, the Blue Meanie, Kid America, Jimmy Jannetty, Don E Allen,
"Living Legend" Larry Winters, Breaker Morant, Johnny Calzone, "Wiseguy"
Jimmy Cicero and more!!!

2. Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) Heavyweight Championship Match: “The
Beast” Glen Osbourne (champion) defends the title against the winner of the
Number One Contender’s Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal

3. Tag-Team Grudge Match: The Hitmen, Michael Bruno & Tony Stetson, vs.

Breaker Morant & Johnny Calzone!

4. "Living Legend" Larry Winters vs. King Kaluha


5. "Mr. Wrestling" Steve Corino w/ Rob Dimension vs. Shane Harris

6. VH-1 Reality TV Star, "Mr. 5.5" Matt Riviera vs. Wes Robinson

7. The Tag-Team now known as “the Red, White & BLUE Express,” Kid America &
the Blue Meanie w/ Mini-America vs. Jimmy Jannetty & Don E Allen!

8. Ryu Lee vs. White Lotus

Plus a Special Appearance by "Mad Dog" D.C. Drake & "Late Night" with your
host "The Midnight Idol" Nicky Benz and his special guest "Wiseguy" Jimmy
as Cicero talks about his BODYSLAMMING AUTISM campaign!


*Card subject to change.


We will be collecting new, unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots at the show.

We are working in conjunction with the official Toys for Tots Gloucester
Semper Fidelis Detachment MCL #204

Those making a donation will receive complimentary raffle tickets for a
prize drawing later in the evening.

At our last show prizes included wrestling magazines, DVDs, tickets, and
the new WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 video game!

MEET THE CHAMP!! Before the show, at 6:30 PM, the Tri-State Wrestling
Alliance (TWA) Heavyweight Champion, Glen Osbourne, will be there to meet
fans, sign autographs, and take photos (please bring your own camera).

“Wiseguy” Jimmy Cicero will also have his HELP “WISEGUY BODYSLAM AUTISM”
T-Shirts for sale.  All proceeds go toward Autism Awareness!

We will also be conducting a 50/50 for the benefit of St. Matthew's Church.


Tickets are $12.00 ringside & $10.00 general admission. They are available

<> via PayPal,

at the door the night of the event,

and at these locations:


Hair by Dezign

123 Egg Harbor Road

Suite 203

Sewell, NJ 08080

(856) 232-9332


Body Max Fitness & Karate

284 Delsea Drive

Sewell, NJ 08080

(856) 589-5126


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FOUNDATION campaign at  <>

Please make sure you click the LEMON DONATE ICON mid-page on the right-hand
side when you make your contribution so that it goes toward the TWA
Fundraising Goal. ALEX'S LEMONADE works to find a cure to childhood cancer.

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